Neighborhood News
Update from the Landscape Committee
Posted on Jun 24th, 2009

1. There are 4 common planters on the north side of unit #13 that are currently not being used. If you would like to plant flowers or vegetables in one or more of these planters please do. All we ask it that you place a small sign/tag in the planter so that others will know that you are using it. In the past people have grown tomatoes in the planters successfully.
2. Two pending landscape projects are being planned by the Committee and BoD\'s. The first is planting hearty, drought resistant ground cover on the north side of unit #33, as this area has never been able to sustain grass in the past.
The second project entails enlarging the mulch bed around the tree in front of unit#11 and planting some shrubs and ground cover there as well. This area is also difficult to sustain grass, so a mulch bed and plants have been chosen to upgrade the area.
The projects will be started either in the next 1-2 weeks or in the fall, dependent on the heat and growing conditions.
If you would like to support the Committee in landscape issues please send an email of interest via this website or to
Thank you.