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Petition to help VA go green
Posted on Mar 18th, 2009

From: Jeff Elder
Northridge resident
I wanted to share this with you in hopes that you would share this petition with your homeowners in your association. The petition explains it in more detail, but basically the state legislature passed a measure (SB 1212) that Gov Kaine has yet to sign that will allow residents and business owners to add on costs of efficiency savers and green technologies (potentially solar, geothermal, etc.) to a utility or property assessment over a long payback period. So, this avoids the traditional barrier to these technologies -- high upfront costs. It also could set your neighborhood apart from others in terms of attractiveness to future buyers. In this market, it could be a good move. Lastly, it\'s a great opportunity for all residents of Alexandria to put our city on the forefront of green ideas.
Please consider sharing this petition far and wide.